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—October 7th 2014


Scientists were literally able to let monkeys see a color they weren’t able to see previously. 

It’s known that male squirrel monkeys have only two types of color-sensitive cone cells in their eyes: green-sensitive cones and blue-sensitive cones.

They can’t find red or green dots against a grey background. 

In a work published in the journal Nature in 2009, scientists injected a virus into the monkeys’ eyes that randomly infected some of their green-sensitive cone cells.

The virus inserted a gene into the DNA of the green cones it infected that converted them into red cones.

Although their brains were not wired for responding to signals from red cones, the monkeys soon made sense of the new information, and were able to find green and red dots in a gray image. (Source)

Isn’t that amazing?

This could lead to new treatments for those who are color blind. 

Listen to the RadioLab episode about colors! It has this in that and so much more it’s awesome!

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41 Cooper

—Parkway Promenade

Attention fans of Port Blue, Windsor Airlift, Boards of Canada, etc! I’m beginning a new instrumental music project entitled 41 Cooper and I’d love to find some people who enjoy the music that’s coming out of it. Everything from lush piano melodies to cheesy 80s synths await you.